Your wedding consultant

We can help with any size wedding you decide to have – whether it be for hundreds of people, your immediate family or just the two of you. Our wedding coordinator will take care of every detail according to your wishes.

What can we take care abour for your wedding preparation? 

  • We will create an online booking form tailor made for your wedding including a personal note and pictures of bride and groom
  • We help to find an ideal location for the wedding ceremony and dinner 
  • Experienced photographer will create unforgettable collection of wedding pictures
  • We help you to understand local wedding traditions 

  • All picked services can be „ FULLY TASTED“ including the accommodation in Hotel Golden Key Prague Castle 

  • Smile of our team

  • Everything you might need and we will be able to fulfill 

For more information and offer please contact our Reservations Manager Michaela on email

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